Dear Ipod,

I see you sitting there, all shiny and black and superior, and I’m ok with that. You could be just a little bit better, though. Here’s a picture I took of you earlier :

Ipod showing 3 versions of all my trials

Look at the picture. See the problem? There are three songs called ‘All My Trials‘ on there. No, my problem isn’t that I listen to too much folk music; my problem is that I want to listen to the Pete Seeger version, and not one of the two Nick Drake bootleg versions I have. But can I can pick the Pete Seeger version from the list? NO, because all three entries look the same.

So please, dear Ipod, in the future, could you maybe notice that there are several song titles that are the same and give me a visual clue as to which song is which? Maybe you could put the performer and artist info after the title for the duplicate songs. You could set it off from the song title with italics or a light grey font or something. Whichever choice you feel best.

Thanks in advance,