Maggot Brain. Yeah, Maggot Brain

July 31, 2007

5150 likes Maggot Brain.

Funk Mob likes Maggot Brain.

The Jazz Mandolin Project likes Maggot Brain (flac download).

Pearl Jam likes Maggot Brain. Here, have seconds they say.  Santana likes Maggot Brain.

The Volebeats like Maggot Brain (Emusic download).

Widespread Panic likes Maggot Brain,
though it seems you often have to wait for the second set.

Mike Watt likes Maggot Brain enough to put it on his record. He even likes it enough to make J. Mascis let him play it at the show.

The band Maggot Brain likes Maggot Brain.
I like Maggot Brain, too. Yeah, Maggot Brain.


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