EULA to take the Neuros survey?

August 21, 2007

Though I’m usually a proponent of Neuros, their recent survey had this as their first question :

1. By my participation in the following survey, I hereby agree to keep all information about the survey, including the products and concepts being tested, completely confidential and further agree not to disclose such information to any other party nor to attempt to copy, print or download any information from this survey. As to members of my household, I agree that they are also under this same obligation of confidentiality. In addition, I agree that I and others in my household do not work in the market research or advertising industries or for a news/media outlet.

Sorry Neuros, but I’m not taking a survey that says I can’t tell people what the survey was about.



I contacted Neuros about this, and although I still disagree with an EULA for a survey, Neuros’ response was understanding,  and they explained their reasons for the EULA well.


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