Idea: ‘Honesty Captions’ for documentaries and other true film

August 21, 2007

While watching a documentary recently, I thought to myself that what I wanted to see while watching the film was a set of captions I dubbed ‘Honesty Captions’; these captions would contain only one thing: the precise time at which all of the film in the documentary was taken.

With ‘Honesty Captions’ on, I would get information useful to interpreting whether how much the filmmaker is sculpting reality for the story of the film.  Did that angry response interview happen 1 hour or 1 month after the original incident?  Were those two-shots from the same argument, or pieced together from an entire day of film?

Although I got this idea watching a feature-length documentary, I think the concept could usefully be applied to short films on YouTube.  People making / analyzing film clips of politicians, could easily tell how much / little the film was cut together.


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